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We are payment gateway and help you to take payment from client’s cards and settle fund to the bank account.

It is simple and convenient!
  You can expand the your business network and markets around the world. Just let ABPAY work for you 24 hours a day. We can accept your customer payments by virtual terminal is a secure Web-based system which allows you to take payments over the phone without the presence of your customer. All you need is an Internet connection and to obtain the customer's details via the phone, then, simply complete a secure online form and accept the payment.


Seat back and relax!
Just let's ABPAY work for you. Accepting customers payment from across the world and settlement to your bank account

Step 1 Customer visit your webiste or contact to you by telephone
then shoping shoping shoping :)

Step 2 Customer make a payment by debit/credit card via ABPAY

Step 3 You can login ABPAY account for check all transactions, balance, card type or identify transaction
You can set up user account for new staff for help you monitor the transactions

Step 4 ABPAY send money to your bank account, Done !

This is Payment solutions can build for your business.
● Simpler online payments - Process debit/credit card payments direct from your website or over the phone
● A faster way - We make online payments quick & easy
● Safe and secure - World-class fraud prevention
● Fast pay-outs, no more long waits we'll transfer the funds to your account once the card being approved.

ABPAY are here and ready whenever you need it to address payment issues. You will receive daily report for all successful transactions and failed transactions to help your team to work simply in daily. Payment can be sent to the bank account with us easily and fast.

There are 2 types of accessing to the card payment system (MOTO and ECOM)


Take payments from your customers over the phone by login  Fill in Get paid  Enjoy !

We provide the link portal along with user ID for multiple users in your organisation use. You can log in to your AB Payments portal and access the Virtual Terminal easily.

Fill in
In AB Payments portal, you just fill in your customer’s payment and card details.
Get Paid
The system will process and complete the payment.
Enjoy !
Fund settle to your bank account and time to spend !


Customer visite your website or mobile application, Shopping and make payment by using API intergration to ABPAY system. You can get paid easy in 3 steps

Your customer visit your website and make a payment online by our online portal and generate the secure link.
Fill in
In the payment web page, your clients fill in their card details.
Get Paid
Customer pays using the secure link and the merchant receives payment.

No Bank account? No Problem!
  We understand how difficult to obtain business account with hi-street bank. They are doing long process and sometime get back with a bad news or restriction account.
Is that your concern? No way ! 

  We also provide the bank account service. The fund from card payment can easily credit to the account that you have with us. This is business account under your own control.


ABPAY can help you to our friend namely A&B PLUS CORPORATE for set up GBP / EUR / USD accounts in your business name
Now ! Money will flow and Settle easier to A&B bank account 2 in 1 (One-Stop Service)
Payment solutions don’t have to be complicated. We’ll implement everything you need from a single package and a single contract.

Using our bank account for better cashflow
Fast payouts - We understand the importance of regular cashflow to your business. We settle funds daily, if you use our account to flow the fund, so you will usually receive payment day-by-day after an order is placed.

Robust systems - You can take payments securely every time. Using our API, you'll find that payments go through the complex process of approval via your website or our link. Our high-capacity gateway processes, this to keep your business open 24/7

We'll give your customers security, protecting their card data and we'll give you security, with access to our full range of fraud prevention services.


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